Cantine A. Sammarco

…the perfect combination of sun and sea breeze of the Amalfi Coast
to enhance the quality of the grapes of our vineyards.


Cantine A. Sammarco

In the heart of Ravello to taste the best of the Amalfi Coast wine production.

The skilful work of winemaking, which is handed down from father to son and the precious collaboration of qualified oenologists have given results that enchant those who love to taste the best of the wine production of Ravello, the Amalfi Coast.

Our wines

The grapes are purchased directly from small farmers spread over three production areas: Ravello, Furore e Tramonti.

The main grapes of these areas are:

white wines

  • Falanghina
  • Biancolella
  • Ginestrella

red wines 

  • Piedirosso
  • Aglianico


The controlled designation of origin refers to a restricted area of the Tramonti, Furore and Ravello territory.


The protected geographical indication refers to a larger area: such as a province or a region, in our case the province of Benevento.

The story behind our wines

The company is family-run.

The founder is Claudio Sammarco, who took over from his father’s business, together with his wife Andreina (hence the name “Cantine A. Sammarco”) in 1967.

Claudio and Andreina are the parents of the three siblings Maria Grazia, Raffaele and Francesco, currently managers and co-owners of the company, all born and raised between Amalfi and Ravello.